Logitech Cube. Two in one: a unique presenter mouse

    At CES 2012 in Las Vegas, Logitech unveiled its new device, the Logitech Cube , which received an award in the field of design and engineering in the category of computer peripherals.

    Cube is an unusual (rectangular!) Shaped wireless mouse. When the Logitech Cube is used as a mouse, control is performed by scrolling your finger across the front panel. Logitech Flow Scroll software is used for smooth scrolling; according to the company, the users are guaranteed to scroll as smoothly as on communicators.

    To use Logitech Cube as a presenter, you need to raise the device above the surface and it will automatically switch to the remote control mode for presentations. By clicking on the upper part of the body, the transition to the next slide is carried out. To go to the previous one, you need to deploy the device in your hand and press the case again.


    The device will be sold exclusively through the Logitech website for $ 70. Sales will begin in January.

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