City for Windows Phone 7

    It happened what Windows Phone 7 users in Russia have been waiting for! A city directory of organizations based on 2GIS data has been released.

    The City application allows you to:
    • search for organizations by name, field of activity, phone,
    • look for organizations near
    • view information about organizations (contacts, schedule, branches),
    • look for buildings, streets, stops, etc.
    Data is available for all cities that have 2GIS.

    The use of 2GIS cards in a mobile application is prohibited by the user agreement of the API, so the user is offered the choice of the following:
    • Google maps
    • Nokia Maps,
    • OSM Mapnik and
    • OSM Osmarender.

    And now some screenshots.
    The main screen, a search for beer within a radius of 1 km in Kemerovo and Alfa Bank ATMs in Novosibirsk:

    Information about the organization and search for geo-objects:

    This is the first version of the application, so I will be very glad to hear your feedback and suggestions. In the next releases it is already planned to do a search with filtering by the time of work of organizations and offline maps.

    Download from Marketplace

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