Inspiration is your inner motor!

    Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Over the past few days, I have renewed interest in reading habr, there are many wonderful, wonderful articles, but there are also those that in some sense “load” - for example, how to force yourself to do something, how to motivate yourself correctly. This is all great and excellent, I propose to look at life from another facet of many existing ones - from a position of inspiration! Despite the great difficulties at work, now I have a great mood, and suddenly deciding to write this impromptu, I want to share my bright thoughts with you :)

    Life is beautiful! To truly understand and feel this thought, you simply need to imagine yourself without this life. Does not work? That's it! Often we get used to everyday life so much that we take life as a boring reality. And life is a miracle! Indeed, happiness does not consist in achieving a goal, but on the way to it. We live, we generally exist, this fact itself fills every moment with joy. Try to turn on some nice music, sit back and relax, listen to your breath - yes, you breathe, this is a miracle! We so often do not appreciate this, but in vain - take a look how happy the little child who sees this huge world for the first time is happy. He is amused by millions of different sounds, colors, sensations, he explores this world bit by bit and enjoys this process. Just because he still doesn’t have a perception filter, he doesn’t have that hard shell, which grows around our personality like armor and more and more fences us from understanding that the world is really a great secret, that it is full of miracles and the boundaries of knowledge are endless. Not the world with age becomes more boring or more complicated, but our perception of it.

    We can spend our lives on anything, and although we depend on many factors, potentially - we are free! Everyone is free and independent precisely because he can realize this and become what he wants. Freedom is perhaps the most valuable gift given to us by the universe. In addition, we are people. Think about it! We are People, not a piece of stone, not a tree, and not even a pet, but real thinking and aware beings! Isn't this great luck, a present, or whatever for us? Yes, life can be difficult, but only as much as we ourselves allow it to do with us. It is important to understand that when we always take responsibility, we have the very opportunity to be free - because there is nobody else to blame! If something positive happens in life, for example, our work made a profit (not necessarily material!) Or they did something to us, which made us smile and feel good - we rejoice. But what if we were deceived / robbed or done badly? And here there is a plug for thinking that can work wonders! You might think that we are not to blame, the man who wanted to do evil and blame him is to blame. But this will not make us better or happier in any way, even if we punish our offender, even if he pleads guilty and corrects himself - this experience will go to him, but not to us! Even when they treat us unfairly, it’s important to take responsibility, for example, ask yourself a question - what am I doing wrong? Why were they even able to deceive me or do me wrong? And then we will see that the reason is within us! They could do this to me, that means I didn’t have enough experience, so I need to work through this situation so that the next time the result is in my favor! You can never be better than everyone, but you can always be better than yourself. Look not at the people around you, but at yourself, to constantly grow above yourself, make yourself spiritually richer, smarter, better, fill your existence with meaning! Learn from everything, because it is experience and the ability to use it that distinguishes great people from those who do not achieve anything.

    Live for your pleasure. This does not mean that you only need to feed your Wishlist and ignore the opinions of others. Pleasure is a tensile thing. You can stop enjoying sex, or you can enjoy the taste of juicy fruits. Based on absolute zero, such a state when we do not exist, you can feel the taste and interest of life. You can come up with a lot of options, for example, imagine that you never existed, and suddenly you appeared in this world for ten minutes and began to feel reality. In just ten minutes, you will cease to exist again, as if you had never been. How much do you think a minute of life costs? Yes, it is priceless! All that you have is not worth ten minutes of your existence! You will enjoy the colors, sounds, the breath itself will give you incomparable pleasure, smells and tastes will turn your head, and feeling for the roughness of objects will cause complete delight! And a five-minute run will no longer cause thoughts such as “hard to finish quickly,” but there will be something like “Wow, I'm alive !!! Running is so cool! The load, gravity, sensations and smells are inexpressible! ” Life is for this purpose given in order to enjoy it. Not only pleasant moments, you can enjoy anything. He ran, fell, scratched his knee. It hurts! It hurts, I feel pain, but in general I feel it, so I'm alive, it's so cool! Did they say something unpleasant to me? This is not a reason to be offended, it is a reason to make yourself better! I have feelings, I can think, it really has no price. You can enjoy literally everything, because everything is our invaluable life experience, which is available only to us - we don’t feel ourselves instead of others, which means they are unique and inimitable. And it doesn’t matter what others do, what we do is important. In extreme old age, we will regret not what we did, but what we did not do in this one and only life.

    You can talk about it endlessly, you understand the meaning. Of course, someone will think - it's not like that, you fly in the clouds and so on. But the world has many facets, very many, and our personal outlook depends on what angle to look at, what point of view to choose. We live and our life energy can be spent on anything, and it does not matter what it is called - pessimism, optimism, realism or something else, the forces will be expended equally, and the result will be very different. We can constantly complain about life, and we can admire the very fact of our existence. We can remain inactive, but we can accumulate our experience and flourish. Even if something bothers us, starting from the position of our non-existence, we can easily make this feeling pleasant - “I overcome difficulties, then I exist, and this is priceless!”

    Let the positive be your constant companion and exaltation at any time! As one wise man said, you are a citizen of the world, part of human history, be proud of it!

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