We are 1 year old!

    Perhaps someone remembers how exactly a year ago I wrote a topic on the hub about the launch of the nekto.me project.
    Conceived as a small service of anonymous opinions about famous personalities, over the past year it has evolved into a full-fledged social network saturated with anonymity :)
    200,000 users, 950,000 comments and 38,000 visitors a day - this is nekto.me today. Under the cut is a short article about the life of the project. How many people, so many opinions? Yes. In fact, 1,145,000 opinions have been published on the project since launch. Just many opinions are deleted, so now there are only 950 thousand in the database. For the first half of the year 300 thousand anonymous opinions were left, for the second - already 650 thousand.


    Currently, about 6,500 opinions are published per day.
    Opinions can be written without registration.
    The issue with spam was solved simply: they set a limit between comments of 90 seconds.
    Those who write in essence - this does not bother, but spammers and flooders are indignant :)
    In addition, links in opinions are not clickable and there is little temptation for spammers.

    Design matters
    For the first year, the logo and design of the project have changed three times!
    And all three times the changes were big enough, but users got used to them quite easily.

    Logo evolution:

    Website evolution [clickable]: About growth 3 weeks after leaving the test mode, we registered 3500 users.

    Habr gave the main impetus :) And then everything went like a snowball - people came and come through the links of their acquaintances / friends, register and call their friends.
    At least 100 thousand pages link to the site. The vast majority, from social networks.
    Now about 800 new users are registered per day!

    There are more than 300 thousand pageviews daily, that is, about 9 pageviews per visitor on average. Six months ago, one visitor looked at an average of 4.5 pages.
    The increase in views is due to the advent of blogs and friends.

    By the way, on February 1, 2011, they told us about it three times on Echo Radio. Moscow throughout the country, but this did not give a visible influx of visitors. More precisely, I did not notice him at all :)

    About anonymous chat
    We are the first to make a choice of age group and gender. Fun fact: until recently, this sound notified a new chat message . Where is he from? It's simple: I double-clicked my tongue into the microphone, softened and accelerated the recording! :) About the pianoram More recently, applications for Android and iOS joined applications for Symbian and MeeGo . I use it myself, I’m not overjoyed :) That's how it looks on my old Nokia: In addition, the owners of Windows Phone, Bada, Palm and BlackBerry can download the tunein application and find it in the list of Pianorama radio stations. We are there .


    What do you plan to do next? Grow and, in particular, improve what is.
    Feels like we are still deep in the ... testing phase :)
    Thank you for your attention and support! In the comments I will try to answer questions.

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