Published source code and developer tools for Tizen mobile OS

    On Habré some time ago it was already mentioned about the Tizen project , which is an operating system for mobile devices. A few days ago, the project reached a certain point of development and the public was presented with the source code of the alpha version (pre-1.0) of the system along with the developer tools (SDK) and a collection of documentation.

    In order to evaluate what it is about, developers are invited to download the SDKdesigned to run on Ubuntu (support for Windows and Mac is also announced in the future) and consisting of a Web IDE (based on HTML5; Tizen can also create web applications), Native IDE (Eclipse), emulator, GUI Builder, debugging tools and testing and code examples. The SDK works on the new 32-bit versions of Ubuntu

    The debugging process of the Tizen application is shown.

    The Linux-based Tizen kernel itself currently supports the EFL (Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) graphics and user interface with X11-style window management (including 3D effects), multimedia capabilities, location, telephony, 3G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

    The Tizen core diagram is shown in the figure below:

    A curious circumstance is the following: Tizen is the heiress of two other mobile platforms - MeeGo and LiMo . And the first of the systems - MeeGo - is a symbiosis of the earlier Maemo (manufactured by Nokia) and Moblin (from Intel). The development is supported by the Linux and Limo Foundation funds, and the result is designed to compete with another open and already mega-popular Android system.

    Those who wish to download the Tizen source code can do this here .

    [ Tizen ]

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