"World Record" - a mini-game from the developers of the "invisible keyboard"



    Not so long ago, although in fact already last year, I covered some details of a rather peculiar input technology for touch-screen devices. Then it was, let's say, inaccessible to a wide audience. The creators promised to settle all the issues of cooperation with Philips for the now starting CES 2012 and already there to let the rest get to know the new product closer. And now, probably in connection with its onset, they decided to attract users to their brainchild. So to speak, test among the masses.
    They offer, in fact, a kind of simulator game. Moreover, as a competitive effect, a competition is timed to coincide with its output, and yes, in this case the name fully reflects its essence.

    Get to the point


    In addition to the game itself, where in the atmosphere of the "fish world" you can hone your skills, there is a global rating of players, formed on the basis of the speed of typing by participants. By the way, the website informs that the competition will start soon, but for now, everyone can practice and adapt. I will add that potential leaders, or rather finalists, Snapkeys (developer) will invite to participate in the competition for the title of world champion. With payment of all expenses!


    The Twitterkey Snapkeys office provides the following links for free download:
    Android Market
    Exhibition stand at CES 2012.

    UPD: The link to the Android Market has been restored.

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