Victorinox will release a 1TB flash drive with 256AES and LCD display

    Gentlemen, either forgot when April 1, or it is simply unimaginable.

    Could you imagine a typical 1TB flash drive with a built-in 256AES wired and LCD display? I don’t, except that after 5 years.

    And Victorinox, announced at CES.
    • Volume up to 1TB
    • USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eSATA II
    • Crypto protection 256AES at the iron and software level
    • Built-in monochrome LCD screen for displaying status information (not e-ink?)
    • 2 integrated knives (Victorinox knife manufacturer)

    UPD: There is a chance that it will be either an encryption key for hards up to 1TB or a key to some kind of cloud.
    UPD2: Really will release, here is a press release .

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