Siberian Technologies in Abu Dhabi

    I once wrote here how I started production of one relatively simple electronic toy in the USA - the story began 5 years ago. The device is a digital SLR control panel. Here there was an original topic about production. And today I was told that our remote control was used in the production of videos about Abu Dhabi. According to the author, this video collected 300,000 views on YouTube, provided him with interviews on Yahoo and a bunch of Arab television channels, and led orders from the Discovery Channel and BBC.

    Here it is, in English. Just for heaven’s sake, look at the full screen, and with a normal sound (at least external speakers, or headphones). The music was written by Vladimir Persan, a Russian native of Azerbaijan.

    ABU DHABI 2011 - DEFINITIVE VERSION, English intro fromBeno Saradzic on Vimeo .

    You know, after watching, I once again understood why we are working. I can’t describe this feeling, but it seems to me that helping to make the world a little more beautiful gives more than all the money in this world.

    PS I express my gratitude to the author (Beno Saradzic) for the link.

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