Netcraft Counted 582 Million Websites By Early January

    Netcraft, an analytical company that regularly monitors and analyzes various data related to the life of the Web, has calculated the number of sites operating at the beginning of January 2012. It turned out that the number of sites increased up to 582.7 million. In just a month, the number of sites working on the Web increased by almost 5% (4.9%, to be exact).

    Of course, the market share for the most popular web servers has changed somewhat. Apache is steadily growing in popularity, over a million 16 hosts started to work on the basis of this web server in a month. True, numerical growth is not a guarantee of market growth for Apache, this figure decreased by about 0.3%, which, in principle, is not significant.

    Microsoft's web server has become the basis for an additional 1.8 million hosts, while the market share of this product has also remained unchanged. But Nginx has already captured 9.63% of the web server market. By the first of January, 6.9 million more hosts started working on the basis of this web server.

    As for Google, the product of the "corporation of good" is also slowly showing growth, by 2.4%.

    Via thewhir

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