Simple agile

    They came up with so many words, you won’t remember everything - Kanban, Scrum, ExPi ...
    There is a feeling that science is being created from nothing, just like bookkeeping in our country.
    But the meaning and idea is not new, lies at the basis of the universe, mother nature and any production.

    Here are my simple theses on this subject:
    1. Do only what you need now
    2. Do only what will bring maximum effect
    3. If the task is complex, break it into simple ones
    4. Use the simplest approach to solve the problem
    5. Work on only one task at a time
    6 Switch only when the task is completely ready
    7. Do the work on the bugs

    Ideally, I’m ready - the customer has the right quality and he is satisfied with it.

    Thanks for attention!

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