Charlotte, not a cake!

    Why do I write in Habré? Because this is perhaps the only place where it is enough to simply write a good article and that's it! Then everything happens by itself. But it was so.

    Some time ago, an inner voice wrote:
    Now you can vote for karma only with karma not lower than +15, for topics - not lower than +10.

    And something has changed. What exactly? Look in numbers:

    • Previously, an interesting cognitive post was gaining the same amount, a maximum of twice as much in the chosen one, but now the gap has grown to 3-5 times. After the introduction of new thresholds, the voting mass decreased, by my assumption, the same 3-5 times. What does it do? And here is what.
    • Now it’s not enough to write a good post, you just need to write a great post to get to the main page, according to the modern / all.
    • Now, an organized action of a group of 10-20 people is enough to raise any bad post to the first page. Or vice versa, it is just as easy to drown the best post with minuses.
    • As a karma specialist, I’ll say that it’s almost impossible for beginners to overcome karma 15 without tricks. So we fix the existing structure of the authors.
    • As an author, each topic of which hit the main one, I’ll say that the price of the vote has grown 3-5 times, which means it’s 3 times more difficult to get into old-timers and get PAP. But it will also become more difficult for existing authors to get the promotion of PAP 3 times.
    • Beginners will no longer be able to get into the pantheons, at least until the habr population grows by the next 3 times.

    I am absolutely not opposed to balancing the qualifications, the question has accumulated a long time ago. But the shock change broke the balance and changed incentives.

    What to do? Well, for starters, change the voting thresholds for and against topics. They do not have to be the same. The pros threshold should be half that of the cons. Perhaps these thresholds should somehow be tied to the number of registered accounts for indexing voice inflation. It is important that these changes should be smoother.

    In the meantime, getting used to the shock changes, the number of articles and comments will drop. In a word, instead of a cake, you will temporarily have to do with charlotte. Human nature has a tendency to change. When everything is too good, for some reason people are arranging for themselves trouble. But the achievement of an ideal turns life into lifeless. In the end, the worm in the apple proves that it is alive, no need to kill it!

    Update The
    last thing I would like is for the topic to turn into ordinary jerking off - mercilessly poking, ridiculous offers and loss of soldiers from a hangover in the morning.

    In fact, I wanted to highlight one most important point. Previously, voting for a topic required +2 karma, while voting against+4, so we had a statistically positive average amount. Now, if I understood UFO correctly, the threshold is the same and equal to 10, and we get a zero amount. If we recall that increasing the threshold reduced the number of voters by about 3 times, then the balance changed dramatically.

    Simply put, now when writing an article, you need to think not about making someone interested, but about not offending anyone. The fear factor, you know, motivates creativity very poorly.

    I assume that this is just a random mistake, which can be corrected by setting thresholds of 5 for pluses and 10 for minuses in the rating. The rest is the lyrics and jerking that is being prosecuted by UFO laws!

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