Hadoop Reached Version 1.0

    The well-known platform for massively parallel data processing Apache Hadoop was released in version 1.0.0 ( release notes ). For another project, the release of the first version could be considered a significant event and a milestone in development, but here the situation is completely different. In fact, Hadoop was ready for use in the most serious commercial projects since version 0.20. In conjunction with MapReduce, he has long been working on Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. In March 2011, Hadoop was awarded the annual MediaGuardian Innovation Awards as the most innovative technology, and at the ceremony, Hadoop was called the “21st century Swiss army knife”.

    However, some companies may fundamentally not use products with version lower than 1.0, so this release is important for them. This is a certain guarantee of stability on the part of developers.

    In general, Hadoop version numbering can confuse anyone.

    0.23.0: November 11, 2011
    0.22.0: December 10, 2011
    1.0.0: December 29, 2011, in fact it is 0.20.205 after bug fixes

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