Chinese GPS earned in test mode

    Beidou satellite navigation system coverage area

    The Chinese have begun test operation of their own Beidou satellite navigation system. Like the Russian GLONASS, it is conceived as an alternative to American GPS, but at the same time it is compatible with it, providing more accurate positioning when using satellite signals from both systems at once.

    At the moment, the Beidou constellation includes only ten satellites that cover China and the adjacent territories, including the Russian Far East and border areas. Specifically, a signal is received squared between 84 ° and 160 ° east longitude and between 55 ° north latitude and 55 ° south latitude.

    Beidou signal timing is now 50 nanoseconds, positioning accuracy is 25 meters. During 2012, it is planned to add six more satellites and bring accuracy to 10 meters. At the same time, the coverage of Beidou will extend to most countries in Southeast Asia.

    Beidou will grow to a staffing number of 35 satellites by 2020, and then it will be able to compete with GPS, GLONASS and European Galileo around the world. Unlike all other positioning systems, Beidou satellites have a dual purpose and at the same time operate as communication satellites. Due to additional income from telecommunication services, the cost of operating the entire system is reduced.

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