ActionScript as a language for developing JS applications with jQuery and debugger

    Presenting your attention to the video.

    1. We have a JS generation tool from AS3.
    2. We have an IDE that knows how the generated JS corresponds to the code in the editor.
    3. We have a debugger that allows you to set breakpoints in AS3, and stop JS.
    4. We have a ton of useful things, such as OOP, autocommit, type-checking, refactoring and language extensions.
    5. We have jQuery support - autocomlite and syntactic sugar.
    6. We are able to expand the editor’s functionality ourselves and write our own languages ​​(MPS platform).
    7. We have a bunch of ready-made developments accumulated by the world of Flash over the years of its existence.

    We write on AS3 rich Internet applications executable in a browser. No flash player.

    Dream or Utopia?

    The view is interesting not only from the side of flashers. The look of JS developers is very interesting.

    Does JS need OOP developers? Is tongue sugar needed? Are they interested in developing in this direction?

    The advent of coffeecript, lesscss, and dart show a trend in which we fit perfectly.

    But maybe all this is not necessary and we just waste time? What do you think?

    The next version will support jQuery plugins, d3.js and a more advanced debugger. All RASE language extensions will work in the JS runtime - generics, collections, traits, events flow, etc.

    You can download the beta of Realaxy ActionScript Editor 1.1 here .

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