Problems with the DNS company .masterhost 12.24.2011

    Around eight in the morning of December 24, 2011, there were problems with access to sites hosted on the hosting of .masterhost .

    The customer support service by calling 8-800-200-97-20 explained that there is a problem with the DNS, technical specialists are busy resolving it.

    There is access to the main page of the company’s website, but no access to the control panel. No access to a number of sites and email.

    Screenshot of the page displayed instead of the control panel.

    The official .masterhost company Twitter reports some news.

    Update: At 10 o'clock, access to the control panel appeared and again disappeared, authorization failed.

    At 11:30 on December 24, 2011 the problem persists.

    At 11:55, the masterhost’s twitter said: “All services are operating normally. If you have local DNS caching, try updating the cache. "

    My sites and mail are working, access to the toolbar has appeared.

    Twitter post at 13:21: “From management: significant accident; will be investigated; the guilty will be punished, the affected customers will be compensated. ”

    And yet: “For compensation, it is better to apply for applications - they will be charged faster. There will be a lot of charges, the queue can be extended until Tuesday, "as well as" it is mandatory to write an application. This is a formal basis for crediting funds. The law forbids us to give out money just like that. ”

    In the evening 3.80 cu credited to the personal account.

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