Meet Skitch for iPad

    Often we spend hours sitting at e-mail, typing long letters in order to explain to the interlocutor as accurately as possible what we mean. Meanwhile, it is often better to see once, and it is much easier to circle and point to something with an arrow than to describe everything in words.

    Greet Skitch for iPad, which is now available for download on the App Store !

    What is Skitch

    Skitch is a convenient tool that allows you to convey your ideas and thoughts to others, without resorting to a lot of words. With Skitch, you can leave notes and draw on almost any object that comes across to you, whether it's a new or existing photo, a web page, a screenshot, a map or a blank sheet. You can then share your notes with friends or colleagues and save everything to Evernote. As you can see, this is extremely simple.

    Skitch for iPad

    Key Skitch features for iPad are available on the app’s home screen.

    Photos and Camera: 
You can choose whether to work with an existing image from your collection on your tablet or take a new picture. Use the camera on the iPad to take photos of things that you thought were noteworthy, or just take a photo of a friend who wanted to paint a mustache. If your iPad does not have a camera, this option will not be shown.

 Skitch for iPad is smart enough to detect recently taken screenshots. Take a screenshot on your iPad (just press the home button and the power button at the same time). After the flash, the picture will be added to your photos. Open Skitch, click on the Screenshot button, make the necessary notes and send the result to colleagues or friends. This is a great solution for many situations, whether it is a demonstration of the design of a mobile application or your new record in Angry Birds.

Skitch for iPad received its own web browser, which will allow you to make notes on top of web pages. By clicking on the Web icon, you can immediately enter the address or start entering a search query. When you find the page you are looking for, click on the Snap icon. You now have an image of the webpage for annotation. You can use this mode to make your comments about a web project or to point out someone to an item in an online store that you want to buy.

Have you ever tried to accurately explain to someone where the meeting will be held, which building is your home or where is the best parking place? Then the Map option is what you need. Find and enlarge the desired map piece, and then use the Skitch tools to label or draw a route. You will be surprised how often it is difficult to accurately describe the right place without additional help. With Skitch, you end up wandering in unfamiliar terrain.

Sometimes you just have to start from scratch. Open a blank sheet and sketch your ideas. Use shapes, arrows, drawing tools, and colors to unleash your inspiration.

    Drawing tools

    Skitch contains a number of touch-friendly drawing tools.
    • Finger: use it to capture and move any object that you draw and want to move. You can also rotate the object or resize it with a simple zoom gesture.
    • Pencil: pencil designed for quick and free sketching.
    • Arrows: Using the Skitch branded arrows, you can point out important things in the picture.
    • Text: select this item, then click on the place where you want to place the text. Enter it in the text box and click on Done .
    • Shapes: You can choose from circles, squares and lines. Swipe the image to draw the shape you want.
    • Crop: With this function you can crop your sheet to any size you want.

    Save everything in Evernote

    All your drawings and notes are saved in Skitch for iPad, but if you want them to be available to you everywhere, you can also save them to Evernote. To save the image, click on the icon with an elephant.

    Share on Twitter, Email and AirPlay

    Skitch for iPad provides you with several ways to share your drafts. You can email them to your friends or post them on your Twitter feed. Also supported is AirPlay, a technology that allows you to display the contents of an iPad display on any screen with an Apple TV.

    iPad is just the beginning

    We developed the Skitch iOS app first for the iPad, as the tablet is the perfect form factor for drawing. But don’t worry, Skitch for iPhone is already at work. In the meantime, we suggest you try out the iPad version at work, in games, during training, and for creative leisure. The application will be useful when you are planning an event or doing repairs. Use it to communicate with someone who speaks a different language. Start working with Skitch and you will understand how many wonderful possibilities open up a few simple lines and arrows. Hope you enjoy.

    Download Skitch for iPad on the App Store

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