Microsoft cut back on WMP functionality in Windows 7, leaving it the same in Windows 8 and 10

    Microsoft continues to promote its Windows 10 operating system, doing everything to convince users to leave their previous OS and use the latest version. Some company actions raise questions.

    The other day it became known that the corporation cut down the media player functionality in Windows 7, we are talking about Windows Media Player. Changes do not affect file playback control. The player is now unable to show information about video and audio, respectively, sorting by artist, album, genre, etc. is also unavailable.

    The company itself explains this by analyzing user reviews, after which it decided to turn off the metadata processing service in Windows 7. A rather strange explanation, despite the fact that in Windows 10 and Windows 8, WMP functions fully, working with metadata is supported without problems.

    The limitation in functionality seems to be not too critical, but it may still seem that the company is gradually cutting back on the capabilities of Windows 7. It is worth noting that some users have not switched to Windows 10 in order to maintain the ability to natively support DVD with their media player - for a similar feature in Windows 10 will have to pay extra $ 15.

    It is worth recalling that Windows 7 will cease to receive security updates in 2020. After that, support will be paid.

    In December 2018, Windows 10 accounted for about 39.22% of the desktop operating system market. Windows 7 occupied 36.9%. In the summer of 2015, Windows 7 was installed on more than 60% of computers. Well, the G8 owns 5.33% of the operating system market.

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