One day in the life of the Eagle in a few seconds

    Currently, there are many sites on the Internet where you can watch online video from surveillance cameras located in public places of various cities. In particular, several such cameras were installed in the city of Orel. One of the cameras, which is located on one of the high-rise buildings. Postal, aimed at Children's Park, appeared the very first. At least one of the sites in the spring of 2011, I found a page where you could watch videos from this camera "live" (online). However, this broadcast was very interesting. The video came with a very low frame rate - 2 frames per minute. In fact, it was not a video at all, but an image that was automatically updated (more precisely, the entire page was updated) every half minute.

    I had an idea: save a set of such images for a long time, then, connecting them, make a video file with a standard common frame rate of 25 fps. If you calculate, you get an accelerated video of 25 / (2/60) = 750 times. I decided to capture images from this camera on May 9, when the maximum crowds prevailed.

    For this, I used the following programs.

    1. Opera - browser to view the broadcast.
    2. HandyCache is a proxy server for caching images.
    3. Total Commander - for group renaming of cached files by sequence number.
    4. TimeToPhoto - for superimposing text and date / time of a frame onto images by the date files are modified for corresponding images.
    5. Ulead GIF Animator - to create the final video from the resulting images.

    At the same time, I made a screenshot of my desktop, still preserved, where the last two programs are deployed on full screens.

    The video was impressive at that point in time.

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