Sport makes people richer: twisted the pedals - namainil tokens

    The company 50Cycles from the UK helps zozhnikam become richer. How? Its employees have developed an electric bike that can mine the currency.

    This vehicle is called Toba, and it mines it is not live or bitcoins, but LoyalCoin (LYL) tokens . They are designed to increase user loyalty to brands. Cash receipts are monitored using a mobile phone with an installed application. The storage of private keys that confirm the ownership of coins is organized in an original way: they are stored in the vehicle itself.

    According to Scott Sneit's CEO, the bike is the world's first tokenized real (non-digital) product that allows users to receive a small reward.

    “Our company plans to be on the edge of a cryptocurrency boom. 15 years ago we saw the potential in electric bicycles - they were then shown in Tokyo, and now we see prospects in cryptocurrencies. The decision was logical - to combine both, and more, “- said Sneit.

    50Cycles is a company with extensive experience in the development of electric bikes. It all started in 2003, when the founders created their own electric vehicle. Since then, bikes of this type have been able to become quite popular, despite the relatively high price.

    Currently, work on the project is being carried out together with the startup Loyaltycoin (it is he who launches LoyalCoin tokens). But in the future, 50Cycles plans to create its own tokens, which will be traded on the largest exchanges. Now you can work with LYL only on the Cryptopia exchange.

    The first crypto bikes will be available this fall, but they are very expensive. The cost of the most inexpensive model will be about $ 2,250.

    The most important question is how much can a cyclist receive for his work? The answer is about $ 26.5 for every fifteen hundred kilometers traveled. Not much, but as a bonus - great. Plus, the company itself successfully fused their electric bikes.

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