Siclum Java Cleanup Returns

    For all Java fans , for those who are already actively using or just want to work with Java, we will organize this event for you. By the numerous requests that were made after the summer Java Saturday , and especially after the Siklum Java Saturday, held in Odessa and Minsk . Once again this year we will hold the Kiev Siklum Saturday on Java-technologies . According to tradition, we invite everyone to visit Java Siklum for free on December 10 in our Kiev office .

    This time December 10we will gather to discuss what is new, interesting or useful can be found in the good old Java. The subbotnik program is still being formed, therefore, if you have something to tell, contact the event coordinator, Inna Tueva , she will always help.

    In the meantime, the following speakers are ready to share their knowledge and best practices:
    • “The Prophecies of Cassandra” - Igor Khotin (Java guru, shaman and software designer). Igor will consider a data model, principles of operation and application features of a distributed scalable Apache Cassandra database system. It reflects on where all the noise came from and what place NoSQL databases can occupy in a modern IT infrastructure. Igor took part in a wide range of projects - from ERP and CRM systems to Massive Multiplayer Online games as a developer, architect and ScrumMaster .
    • About "Distributed Programming in Action" - our special guest Arman Gal (Chief Architect for Poker product Playtech, Israel) will tell . Please note that the report will be in English without translation. In his presentation, Arman will talk about building failsafe, a highly accessible and dynamically scalable platform for Poker by using a distributed cache in a data memory grid. He will discuss the obstacles encountered at the stages of designing, developing and implementing the platform, followed by the exchange of personal experience with real-life examples .
    • “The future of Java, the upcoming innovations of Java 8: Defender Methods, Functional Collection Patterns, Lambda Expressions” - Andrey Rodionov . Lecturer at the Institute of Physics and Technology NTUU "KPI", Ph.D. He worked at Sun Microsystems for almost four years, before being acquired by Oracle. Now he is the leader of the Java User Group in NTUU "KPI"
    • “Actors in the JVM: Architecture for Competitive Failover Applications in Pictures” - Victor Teslenko (independent consultant, Java trainer; founder of the startup, now known as wearehiring ). Victor will share knowledge about the models of actors and Akka - the embodiment of this model in Java, will pay attention to simple examples of functionality that can be achieved with the help of actors.
    • “How to create your own chat-bot: GTalk, Skype” - Yuri Yakovlev (Project Manager, CSC - Project Office (Siklum Dnepropetrovsk). In his report, Yuri will consider such technologies: Google App Engine, XMPP, SkypeKit.
    • "Maven. Model for assembly ”- Anton Naumov (Java Software Engineer, Intego Group company). Anton will talk about a rather famous, but, nevertheless, still mysterious Maven, Dependency Management, Multi-module and dependent projects on Maven. Anton is actively involved in Java and everything related to Java since 1999. He worked in many large and small outsourcing, grocery and mixed-type companies in Kharkov. Over 12 years, we managed to work with projects that were completely different in scale (from prototypes to complex distributed systems) and subject area (Telecomunication, Billing, JSF components, Liferay, Pentaho BI, Development Process Automation).

    Stay tuned for updates on our habr-blog , Facebook page and twitter .

    We remind you that participation in the Saturday is free , with the condition of pre-registration . The final program of the event will be sent a day or two before Java Saturday to the mail of all who register.

    Date : Saturday, December 10
    Time : (tentatively) from 10.00 to 15.00
    Location : Ciklum, SkyPoint, 20th floor (Amosova St., 12th, 19th floor)
    Half an hour before the event starts, metro will be organized from metro Palace Ukraine.

    The goal of Siklum Shabbat- create a platform for communication, exchange of knowledge, expertise and practices on one of the technologies. Subbotniks are open to visitors and free of charge for everyone , they are held once a month in one of the cities where the Siklum offices are located. The history and themes of Subbotniks can be found by looking through our Habra blog .

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