DOM-shim for all browsers including IE <8

    Good day dear harazhiteli.

    Many javascript programmers have come across some unsupported DOM JS API functions in some browsers (we will not point with a finger). Surely, many are familiar with the wonderful libraries es5-shim and DOM-shim for solving compatibility problems between different browsers, and DOM-shim also "pulls" the browser to the DOM4 level.

    In this article, I will tell you how to make DOM-shim in IE6 and IE7 in order to forget about the existence of these browsers forever.


    There is nothing to tell. IE earlier than version 9 does not support a lot of the standard DOM API:
    • addEventListener
    • removeEventListener
    • dispachEvent
    • classList
    • etc.

    And if IE8 can be “tightened up" by implementing the necessary functionality using DOM-shim , then IE6 and IE7, unfortunately, are not supported by this library (as of 11.24.2011 issues / 29 ) due to the fact that IE <8 does not have Node. prototype.


    Actually, the solution is quite obvious and I used it in my projects a year ago, when I just started to study javascript - behavior: url (.htc) [ Introduction to DHTML Behaviors ]. But then I had to abandon this decision, because it really, really slowed down the page loading - I had to wait 30 seconds, after the page loaded for a relatively small page.
    After some time, I accidentally stumbled upon information on how to speed up page loading with behavior using behavior every 100 times - it turns out you just need to add lightweight = true and everything will work quite quickly.
    Now to make DOM-shim for IE <8 will not be difficult, which I did.

    Let's get started

    First, we need the original es5-shim and DOM-shim , take them and redo them, fix bugs and improve the emulation of Object.defineProperty :
    if (!object.__defineGetter__) {
      if(descriptor["ielt8"]) {
        object["get" + property] = descriptor["get"];
        object["set" + property] = descriptor["set"];

    Instead of just throwing an exception ERR_ACCESSORS_NOT_SUPPORTED, we will check for a special flag and if it is, save the getter and setter under special names.
    Because in IE <8 there is no Node.prototype (which is passed to Object.defineProperty), create a special object into which our getters and setters will accumulate:
    var elementProto = window.HTMLElement && window.HTMLElement.prototype || 
          /*ie8*/window.Element && window.Element.prototype || 
          /*ielt8*/(window["_ielt8_Element_proto"] = {});

    We will transmit it as usual, just add the “ielt8” flag to the description :
    Object.defineProperty(elementProto, "classList", {"get" : ..., "ielt8" : true}

    Now we collect all the getters of our shim library into one object. All that remains is to “hang” it on all the elements on the page.
    Create the file:
    <PUBLIC:COMPONENT lightWeight="true">
    <PUBLIC:PROPERTYNAME="classList"GET="getClassList" /><SCRIPT>
    getClassList = window._ielt8_Element_proto.getclassList

    and add it to all the elements on the page:
    * {
     behavior: url(

    And that's all. Now we have Node.classList even in IE6!

    The following properties are added similarly:
    • addEventListener
    • removeEventListener
    • dispatchEvent
    • attributes (fixed)
    • children (fixed)
    • firstElementChild
    • lastElementChild
    • nextElementSibling
    • previousElementSibling
    • childElementCount
    • querySelectorAll
    • querySelector
    • insertAfter (non-standard)
    • getElementsByClassName
    • compareDocumentPosition

    Little things

    1. I correct attributes, for this I save the original attributes in a special container at the beginning of the htc script:
    //Save original attributes propertythis._.__ielt8_attributes__=this.attributes;

    So, in IE6, the implementation of behavior is different from IE7: in IE7, the original overrides in the <PUBLIC:PROPERTY NAME="attributes" GET="getAttributes" />properties are available in the script , and in IE6, they are not available - the getAttributes getter is called immediately.
    Therefore, for IE6 we make a separate file.

    2. Do not attach behavior to all elements ("*") since in IE <8, it is hung on some unsupported element and an error occurs. To fix it, you just need to specify all the html tags in style:
    html,body,div,span,object,iframe,h1,<...все html теги...>,textarea,input,select {
     behavior: url(


    Link to the library:
    I want to note that my library for DOM-shim is very different from DOM-shim due to the fact that I have been developing it for the last 8 months without knowing anything about DOM-shim ( and even about github :)) A

    working example can be downloaded here: (download, go to examples / microdataTemplater, open templaterTest.html)
    Offer to add what happened in DOM-shim : / Raynos / DOM-shim / issues / 29

    update 11/27/2011:


    .htc files must be on the same domain as the .html file. For example, for the file, the .htc file should be on, and for the file on This restriction significantly complicates the use of the library - you can’t just put the .htc file on a static server and forget about it. Be sure to make sure that you have all the necessary .htc files on the same domain as the site.
    Same-domain limitation
    update 12/19/2011:
    Same-domain limitation solution via nginx proxy

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