Digium Switchvox Recognized!

    In the summer, I wrote an article for Habr Switchvox - another star from Digium , and in the fall, Gartner analysts included the Switchvox product, or rather, Digium, in their magic quadrant for unified communications.

    The assessment was carried out according to the criteria of concept completeness and the possibility of using unified communications in the development of tools.

    According to the report, in 2011 the range of products for unified communications became more complete as a result of the emergence of integrated applications for management companies.

    Thus, there has been significant progress over previous years when product portfolios with extensive communications capabilities were not fully integrated.

    Leaders retain their positions, but at the same time, new market participants appear.

    Digium is positioned as a niche player.

    According to Danny Windham, CEO of Digium: “We are very proud that our Switchvox Unified Communications software solutions have been noticed and evaluated by Gartner. We created a product with the functionality of expensive software solutions in the field of asset management, but at a price that small enterprises can afford. As we plan to continue improving our Switchvox business communications systems, we are confident that their attractiveness will continue to grow. ”

    You can learn more about the Digium Switchvox Unified Communications System, watch a presentation, and read about how this product helps Digium customers change and improve their usual way of communication at www.digium.com/switchvox .

    The evolution of the Gartner magic quadrant for unified telecommunications:



    2011 2011

    And in conclusion, my forecast :-))

    Recently releasedAsterisk 10. The most important feature of it (IMHO) is the ConfBridge application that supports HD audio conferencing, and video intercom! This is not a full-fledged MCU (where to do it on a regular computer), but this is video conferencing, albeit without mixing streams (therefore, in my opinion, it is more correct to call intercom video communication).

    And of course, after passing the test on open source Asterisk, this functionality will go into Switchvox.

    To be Digium in the upper right corner, how to give a drink ... :-)

    Whoever read to the end, that’s a bun! Enjoy!

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