Feel like a viral analyst

    Everything, everything, all habrolyudi!

    If you have a craving for research, and you have knowledge in reverse engineering, then you have the opportunity to feel like a real viral analyst and overcome our quest.


    From the bowels of the ESET virus laboratory, we got a secret task for the most enthusiastic researchers who will be able to test their knowledge of reversing and not only.

    The task of the contest participant is to crack the algorithm of our keygenme and provide the generated code sequence with respect to his name / nickname, which will be tested.


    First place : A

    completely restored generation algorithm and code sequence generator for any name

    Prize - Apple iPad 2

    Second place :

    A full description of the verification algorithm and provide a code sequence for your name / nickname

    Prize - Apple iPhone 4

    Third place :

    Description of the main stages of the generation algorithm

    Prize Code Phrases - Apple iPod Touch

    The results of the competition will be verified with particular passion by the staff of the Center for Viral Research and Analytics ESET.

    All the details are here .

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