Give me a reason. Or under what pretext can you be robbed right now?

    This is not a plaintive article, rather useful and sarcastic.

    Lyrical digression

    Have you ever come across a dilemma at work or in life, the essence of which is that you - an ordinary employee of the company, for its well-being, you must, in a sense, deceive or poorly inform a person (hmm, maybe this is just called breaking the law? ). You and the company will make a profit, and a person - perhaps not now, but soon, inconvenience or even loss? What did you do in that case?

    But it is, by the way.

    The morning comes: the mafia falls asleep, the townspeople wake up

    Having opened my eyes this morning, I, as an avid internet explorer, climbed to look at the notifications on the phone. Among them, I found a notice that I had -2 rubles in my account.

    After that, the analytical part of the mind reached out and opened her eyes, she looked at the calendar, it was the 12th.

    “Strange,” I thought, “But I paid for the connection, the Internet, and the mobile Internet on the 30th. Something is wrong here, I will ask for the details ":

    detalization with write-offs of 5 rubles each day, for the service unlimited internet

    What is unlimited internet? Do I have an unlimited home Internet + traffic package for mobile Internet + cellular communication for a monthly fee?

    Then the gyrus moved and gave out information that somewhere I had already seen such a name, looking in the SMS from the operator I find the following info:

    here it is said that there is a good share unlimited internet and if you replenish the balance you will have 7 days of free use, and then 5 rubles / day

    Oh, how could I forget that I connected the unlimited (or is it unlimited called?) Internet. Maybe because I did not do this ?

    Always contact the decision maker (DM)

    I call the operator and explain: “I have a service connected, due to which a minus was formed on the balance sheet. The thing is, I didn’t connect this service. ”The operator answers, they say, let's see if you didn’t connect the service via SMS , then we will refund your money, and if not, no one will give you back the money .

    A minute later, this comrade (as Zadornov said there? The pirates shouted: “Look for the goods!) Declares that I have activated the service via SMS.

    In my head, images about nanotechnology, neural networks, global surveillance and abusive vocabulary began to be born. And how did I connect this service? Maybe he was unconscious? Scrolling SMS messages while talking, I found the following info:

    The neural network in my head began to grow, the connection between the fact that I replenished the bill and the fact that the service is very similar in name to the service in detail has become clearly visible. I asked if she could connect in this way and received an answer that this is exactly what happened. TA-dah!

    Here you have a million or billion scheme: the end of the month, everyone pays a monthly fee according to their tariffs. We start a campaign to connect some type of free service, the condition of connection - you must simply replenish the account, after which it will automatically connect. But you have to replenish the bill today, otherwise tomorrow without a monthly fee all ordinary services will be disconnected! The person replenishes the account, the action is connected without his participation, the person forgets about it (or not at all in the know, or thinks that the action will disconnect itself after the trial period), after the trial period of the promotion, the subscription fee for the connected service starts to drop at the chela.

    Asking to transfer to the head, I explain this situation and say that the activation of the service and the replenishment of the account are like separate actions. And why in the details of the service is called "unlimited Internet", and in the action "unlimited Internet" (from the word "chaos", apparently). And in the case of connecting any muddy services, a person actually has to make a decision about their connection, and not face the fact without communication on the day of Russia. Anyway, maybe the prosecutor should judge us.

    In general, as they said, “since I am so scrupulous in terms of money,” the money was returned to me. And also, at my request, they turned off the opportunity to participate in such actions without my knowledge. Having said that, such promotions are held to increase loyalty ( hah! ).

    Message to you, dear habrovchane, be careful, talk to the decision maker and do not believe everyone "no one will return the money to you"

    PS And things are there.

    I deliberately did not specify an operator in the article, so, operator, let's not have such actions, I’ve got to the keyboard with this article, and someone can even go to the prosecutor’s office. Want to increase loyalty - reduce the cost of services and do not fool people’s head

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