Android on Windows

    A small company of like-minded people introduced the alpha version of software that allows you to run Android applications on Windows.

    The development mission of the Bluestacks company is quite well expressed in an interesting demo video, which can be viewed from the company's main page: . I recommend watching a pretty high-quality demo video.

    A distinctive feature of this software is that it is not an emulator. According to the developers, they implemented the native performance of Android applications. That is why Android applications are very responsive and do not cause lag problems.

    Having installed the software, you can:

    • Run Android applications in full screen mode, while they will work quickly;
    • Unloading your favorite Android applications from phone to computer;
    • Launch 10 applications available “out of the box”;
    • Install up to 26 of your favorite applications;

    Additionally, developers warn that the application may run slowly on old netbooks and tablets.

    The application is developed for Windows 7 and you can download it absolutely free.

    The developer company has already attracted $ 7.6 million in initial investment by interest in the development of large investors.

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