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    Probably, it’s never been news to anyone that the Runet has just recently been flooded with offers to update Opera Mini, install the latest version of Opera Mini 6.1 (7, 8, etc.), Opera Mini Pro, or even "Opera Mini Full Version." In the vast majority of cases, this is an attempt to lure users from money by sending paid SMS messages. Well, those who want to get some material benefit by exploiting a popular brand and the credulity (or ignorance of life safety on the Internet) of users have always been, are and will be. True, in recent months the number of fraudsters and their victims has been growing exponentially, which is already completely bad. I can say that according to the most conservative estimates, the monthly turnover of this “business” is several tens of millions, and according to the immodest ones, it is already hundreds of millions of rubles. Your, trusting user, rubles,

    Of course, it’s not easy to deceive the vigilance of experienced users - the fact that all Opera browsers are distributed for free is no secret, and we constantly remind about this using CAPS LOCK and fonts of the Bold type. But the problem is that there are not as many experienced as we would like. It’s just right to send lightning manuals to all computer science teachers with a request to start each lesson with the words “Remember, children, Opera browsers are free, in no case give your money to crooks”. But even such measures will not completely eliminate the possibility of fraud - crooks very competently mask their websites under the official pages using original design elements and logos. By the way, even I, an employee of the company, once could not find clear signs that by clicking on a banner posted on the Opera mobile portal through an affiliate advertising network, I got directly to the crooks website. I just knew that they were crooks, but I did not find any visible evidence.

    In general, the scale of the problem is very significant. In August alone, the number of Russian users who came to rogue sites through Opera Mini amounted to more than 3.5 million. It is not possible to calculate the number of victims of fraudsters who came to them from other browsers. Every week, in RuNet, dozens of new clone domains are registered that are part of a common network for pumping money from users. Until now, we have been struggling with the problem on our own, scanning the Internet for new scam sites and receiving information about those from users . But now it's time to deal with this issue on a larger scale, at a new level.

    I am glad to inform that today we have agreements with all the largest Russian mobile operators, no less concerned about the scam problem with Opera Mini - as a rule, deceived users primarily write angry complaints to their operator, and it is the operator who is forced to return money to the balance user. Therefore, we decided to jointly investigate each case of fraud and thereby identify and terminate unscrupulous content providers.

    So, if you find another “divorce” or, unfortunately, have already fallen for the tricks of crooks and lost money, please inform the address below in Russianthe most detailed data: your operator, your mobile number, the date and time of the incident, a description of how you received the offer to “update” or “install” Opera Mini, how the money was withdrawn, a short SMS number to which it was proposed to send a message , amount - in general, all available information.

    The address for messages is fraudreport-ru (a)


    Unfortunately, not everyone understood what exactly should be sent to this address. I explain. Just send the addresses of phishing sites DO NOT NEEDbecause doesn't make sense. All of them are already known, and we are finding new ones on our own rather actively. Information on real cases of money loss with a very detailed description should be sent to this address, only then you can try to calculate an unscrupulous content provider. It is the search for such providers that this promotion is oriented to. I really hope for your understanding.

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