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    Surely many remember the old Mielofon (which, incidentally, can still be found on the network ). Unfortunately, he was pressed by Russian representatives of copywriters. The colleague with whom I wrote him was afraid of them (children-wife-court-lawyers-kuchadenig, you can understand) and closed everything. But I did not give up, threw almost all the old code and wrote Mielofon again. This time, trying to make it a real open source project.
    Description of functionality, appearance, requirements, as well as video with screencast inside.

    What's inside?

    Like the previous version, the new Mielofon is written in actionscript 3 using Adobe Flex and AIR. Two conclusions can be drawn from this:
    1. it will work on all OSs (win, mac os, linux, and in the future on mobile devices)
    2. you will need Adobe AIR (but you can also without it, more on that below) The
    second point with the release of AIR 3.0 it becomes not so categorical. AIR will be required only for users of Linux systems. For Win and Mac, it is planned to make bundles that will not require a separate installation of AIR or the presence of administrator privileges. Built-in auto-update, of course, is included.

    The main feature of the new Mielofon is the plugin system. It is they who are engaged in the search for streams and mp3. Anyone can write their own plugin. In the near future, it is planned to launch the Plugin Market, a single catalog of all plug-ins with 1-click installation. Such a system also allows you to easily and simply expand the sources of streams and mp3 almost imperceptibly to the user.

    And now for the tasty - what, in fact, awaits us inside? This is the first release after a long time and at the moment it is not very capable, but of course there are basic things. So, you can:
    1. Search by artist, album, song
    2. Watch the tops for the whole thing
    3. Of course, listen to songs or entire albums separately
    That's all for now. There are no opportunities to download, compile playlists yet. They will be in future versions (more details about the next release will be discussed later in the application blog).
    Of course, I will be glad to hear from you about any bugs, glitches, brakes or about your cool ideas.

    What does it look like?

    Let's move on to the look. I tried to make it as minimalistic and simple as possible. Did you decide.
    The main application window was at the beginning of the article. Artist page looks like this:

    Album tracklist:

    Player in mini version:

    How does it work?

    If you are too lazy to download and put a bunch of things (or you want to wait for bundles), the work of the new Mielofon is shown in the screencast below:

    And where?

    So, the final part. Where is it? :)
    Project website: mielophone.github.com
    Source on github: github.com/mielophone/Mielophone
    Project twitter: twitter.com/mielophone
    Facebook page: www.facebook.com/mielophone
    Toggle switch blog: mielophone.tumblr.com
    And YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/mielophoneapp You can

    download and try the first version here: github.com/mielophone/Mielophone/downloads

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