Discounts on gadgets to everyone

    On Habré every day there is a lot of news about gadgets. For me, at least they fall into the following categories:
    • Gossip
    • Coming Soon
    • Appeared and I already bought
    • Appeared in Russia. Expensive!
    • Here he is!

    I want to touch on item number 4, namely: how legally everyone can get a discount on any gadget available in retail stores.
    Loans are evil. Two categories of the population usually think so: those who took out a loan and their children.
    In fact, a loan is a good tool for saving. The bottom line is: you have the required amount on any iPad there, for the convenience of the account we take the price of 24,000 rubles.
    What happens if we just buy a product?
    We pay immediately 24,000 rubles and use our health.
    Now we will use the installment plan, about which there is a lot of advertising on TV: [0% down payment, 0% interest, 24 months] (there are several companies and banks offering this pleasure - Yandex to help).
    Then it looks like this:
    At the same time, if you read the terms of the installment plan, you can see somewhere under the star "... the loan rate is so much interest per annum ...". This means that you still take a loan, and a loan is not an installment plan. The loan conditions are as follows: a monthly payment of 1,000 rubles, a period of 24 months (that is, you really pay the same initial 24,000 rubles), but the rate, for example, is 8.11%.
    How it is? A monthly payment (annuity) of 1,000 rubles consists of 2 components: interest on the loan and the body of the loan. And every month they are in such a proportion that the same value is obtained, in our case - 1000 rubles.
    Given the rate and the term (see above), it can only look like this:
    total24,00022,0871 914
    An attentive viewer will realize that the sum of all payments on the body is 22 087 rubles, this is the amount of the loan.
    It turns out that you actually buy a product worth 24,000 rubles for 22,087 rubles. This is no less a discount of 8% (for what this makes the store as a whole understandable, but this is not the subject of this post, the question can be opened in the comments).
    However: you do not buy, but take on credit, for 24 months, at a rate of 8.11% and after 2 years it turns out 24,000 rubles. On the one hand, there should already be savings here: 24,000 rubles today and 24,000 rubles after 2 years are different 24,000 rubles (cash discounting). Although, of course, not everyone indexes their salaries!
    What's next? We read the terms of the loan agreement. Depending on the bank that provides the service, it is possible to repay the loan ahead of schedule. In my example, this can be done after 3 months of using a loan. We are waiting for 3 months and extinguish:
    monthBalance of principal (body)payment
    320 3801,000
    419 51719 649
    Now it turns out that you are actually buying a product worth 24,000 rubles for 22,649 rubles.
    This is a 5.6% discount.
    You don’t have to pay everything at once.
    (Shine, chic).
    Information for those who are few.
    In installments, there is an amount of 19,649 rubles, which must be paid only in the 4th month. We put them on a term deposit for 3 months (for example, 9% per annum). This is (19 649 * 0.09) / 4 = 442 rubles.
    Direct purchasePurchase by scheme
    Gadget possessionFrom the first dayFrom the first day
    A discount0%5.6% *
    Additional income from operations0 rublesDeposit income from the amount of early repayment of the loan **
    Positive credit history ***notYes
    * depends on the loan rate (see article)
    ** depends on current market offers (see the market)
    *** in fact, the factor is significant, as advanced banks already offer products with a rate that depends on the quality of the borrower. Good credit history = good borrower.
    In my opinion, the choice is obvious.

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