FastVPS misfires, or bad karma?

    I chose FastVPS after reading a lot of articles, comments and reviews. About hetzner as a whole, only positive reviews, about FastVPS similarly. The prices are pleasant and the reseller can pay with WebMoney. Reviews about Russian-language tech support are positive. Having obtained these facts, I paid for the server. I paid for the server

    on September 30 - Friday, 3 p.m. I
    ordered NHS-1, paid 91 euros (49 + 49 and 7% coupon discount).
    On Monday - October 3, I wrote a ticket in support and asked when to wait connectivity. They answered me that they would connect within 120 hours and that usually the connection time is shorter.

    On Thursday and October 6, I decided to ask about the status of the order and asked the same question for the same ticket. In response, I read that the servers are activated by their leader, who is on a business trip and will return after the 7th, then he will install the server. I tried to clarify (it is written that they do not activate on the weekend) - wait on the weekend or next week on Monday? In response, they told me that the server will still be connected this week until Friday.

    On Friday, the 7th, the server was not connected and the 120 hours stated on their website expired. In response to the ticket, they apologized to me and said that the server will be turned on this weekend and they will add a free rental week.

    Sunday is drawing to a close, there is no server. Here's a pun. The contract does not say a word about their obligations in arrears on their part. My order coincided with the replacement of the main server line in hetzner, maybe there are delays due to this. But you can understand me, there is no server, it's worth it and I'm losing money, which is a very unpleasant moment. In a word, dissatisfied. Have you had such moments with FastVPS?

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