MonoDevelop 2.8 Release - Integration with Xcode 4, Support for iOS 5 and More


    MonoDevelop 2.8 development environment for .Net, Mono, MonoTouch platforms released.

    The greatest number of improvements relates to development for iOS devices. Here they are:
    • Xcode Integration 4
    • IOS 5 support (including Storyboards)
    • Integration with Xcode UI Designer. Changes to the visual view editor are automatically detected by the environment.
    • Updated set of examples for iOS developers. Documentation updated. New project templates added
    • Integration with TestFlight iOS application testing service
    • New editor for application settings plist files

    Other improvements:
    • The new editor of dependencies (references) as in Visual Studio
    • New code highlighting style editor
    • Improved open document navigator

    • Distributions for Windows and MacOS X are ready right now. Linux distributions will be ready later.
      Linux update :
      Uv. kekekeks conjured, and conjured a small auto-coil monitoring their git repository. In his ppa you can always get the latest build for Ubuntu and Debian. This package is called monodevelop-latest. They will also periodically collect snapshots that they post for download. Integration with NUnit, it seems, wound up. If something does not start or someone needs some plug-in that is not included in the assembly - kick kekekeks :)
      (thank him)
    • When you open existing projects, the project files will be converted for compatibility with the new version of the environment

    A detailed review of innovations here .

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