Review of the Makex M-One Pro 70 DLP Printer

    Top 3D Shop presents an overview of the MakeX M-One Pro 70 photopolymer 3D printer , which uses DLP technology with a layer thickness of 5 microns.


    MakeX M-One Pro 70


    • Dimensions: 380 × 320 × 490 mm
    • Weight: 8 kg
    • Operating voltage: 110-240 V
    • Operating temperature: 18-28 ° C
    • Working capacity: 135 × 76 × 115/165 mm
    • XY resolution: 70 µm
    • Layer thickness: 5-150 microns
    • Technology: DLP
    • Communications: Wi-Fi, Internet & USB Drives
    • Light source: Industrial HD UV-LED light generator
    • MTBF: 50,000 hours
    • Touch screen: 7 "
    • Supported OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
    • Software: X-Maker
    • Price, rubles: 684 513 (approximate price, may vary, current on the website )


    MakeX M-One Pro 70 is part of the M-One DLP-printers line, consisting of five devices - models 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70. MakeX 3D printers are designed for both professional dentists and users working with jewelery products.

    The developer is positioning this 3D printer as a tool for mass production. Quality construction and kinematics that meet industry standards ensure high quality and stability of printing.

    The working volume of the Pro 70 model is 135 x 76 x 165 millimeters, the resolution along the X / Y axis is 70 microns. In this case, the developer claims a minimum layer thickness of 5 microns.

    At the heart of a 3D printer is an ultraviolet projector MHD-1 of its own design, based on a Texas Instruments DLP chip.

    Polymer illumination, as in many other 3D photopolymer printers, is carried out by means of ultraviolet radiation with a wavelength of 405 nanometers.

    Printer management

    To manage the printer and prepare models for printing, MakeX developed its own X-Maker software. Software can modify objects and automatically generate support.

    Start printing, changing parameters, calibration and other settings of the 3D-printer are performed using the touch information display with a diagonal of 7 inches.

    Materials for printing

    MakeX offers their own photopolymer lineup as source materials, but it allows the use of resins of other brands - Fun To Do , FormLabs , Enivisiontec .

    All models of the M-One Pro range are equipped with a Wi-Fi module and are able to work in wireless mode.

    history of the company

    MakeX was founded by a group of young engineers and designers from the Chinese city of Ningbo.

    MakeX history began with a project on "Kickstarter."

    Today there are about ten 3D printers in the company's lineup. MakeX continues to develop new models - one of its new Migo mobile FDM printers with an internet connection.

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