Runetology (114): founder of the .masterhost group of companies Leonid Filatov

    Leonid Filatov - about how the Russian hosting business looks today, how to hook a client and then make him happy, about himself and his competitors, as well as about the essence of combining .masterhost with , how domestic hosting differs from foreign and whether the western players of this market will come to Russia.

    Guest Interview:
    • Leonid Filatov and .masterhost: how did one of the industry's flagships start from chat?
    • How does hosting work from a business point of view? “There is a common misconception that in the hosting market money is made from nothing. In fact, this is a rather complicated work, the system is serviced by a large team. And profitability on it is not the same as in securities. ”
    • The competitive field of Russian hosting: scale, alignment of forces, work patterns. “Now there are about 600 companies on the hosting market in Russia. Many of them are not hosters, they are resellers of some other hosting, that is, small points for collecting payments. "
    • Why did the company need to merge with What will they offer the customer together?
    • Does .masterhost have cloud hosting? And is there a cloud hosting in nature?
    • Will Western Hosters Come to Russia?
    • Does .masterhost plan on overseas expansion?
    • Online publications of Leonid Filatov: hobbies or means of influencing the market?

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