April 1st

    I will collect April Fools' jokes of web developers for 2011 here.
    If you want to find them yourself - it’s better not to go to the post.

    Specially, I begin to collect links in advance, so that those who wish can see everything on the sites live, and not learn from the pictures. So far, there is little material, since some have not even arrived on April 1.


    The main page is localization into a random language (logo and search button).

    Metric - inactive pages are flipped 180 degrees; come back if you move the mouse. You can also turn the page by clicking on the emoticon in the rainbow "hat".

    The button "Show stupid results" and a ruler appeared in the search results.
    Moreover, stupid results suggest looking only for words with a neutral or positive emotional coloring. Cool!

    The magic button “Reset traffic jams” appeared on the maps .


    Make a search query helvetica and Google will return the results in Comic Sans font.
    Is it logical ..?

    Writing with phrases is now 83% easier.

    Other sites

    XKCD is now in 3D!

    In order not to infringe copyrights, the pictures on Artmeteo were switched to ASCII-graphics mode: Pictures were turned on the Business Bomb (content, design elements, and even some banners). Not impressive. Gismeteo finally removed ads from the site . Just kidding! Just made a selection of logos stylized as well-known brands. And here is one of them: Lurkmore is now allowed by invitation . Say , youtube did something interesting, but I still unchanged. New voting buttons have appeared on Bashorg . +100500 Valuehost 's website crashes

    . No, not in that sense.

    Augmented Reality

    AdBlock now protects not only from banners on the Internet, but also from billboards and television ads.

    For administrators who want to mock users - April Fools' Day DNS service .

    Lebedev Studio

    Not about web development, but anyway. The studio announced a leash and skates .

    There are many other examples in the comments.

    Also popular now: