Twitter launches web analytics tool

    How much traffic does your site get from Twitter? The answer to this question will allow the Twitter-announced web analytics tool called Twitter Web Analytics.

    The new tool is designed to give website owners more data on the effectiveness of their integration with Twitter. It is based on technology from BackType, a social analytics company that Twitter bought in June.

    As explained by BackType founder and new Twitter employee Christopher Gold, Twitter Web Analytics will help website owners understand three key points: how much of their content is distributed on Twitter, how much traffic their site receives from Twitter, and how effective the Twitter buttons are.

    As you can see in the screenshot, the analytics panel consists of four tabs. The first, “traffic”, displays the number of tweets with links to the site and the number of clicks on these links. Charts are available for the current day, last week and last month. The tweets tab shows all tweets containing links to the site, as well as all tweets sent from the built-in Twitter buttons on the site. The administrator can retweet and reply to tweets from this panel. The Twitter button tab shows how actively Twitter buttons are used on the site, and the content tab shows the most effective pages on the site.

    According to Twitter director of web business development April Underwood, the data will be cleaned of bots and spam. Twitter will also release a developer tool API.

    Twitter Web Analytics is free and so far in beta. A small group of partners will get access to it this week, and for all it will be launched within a few weeks.

    via Mashable , ReadWriteWeb

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