How can I find out more, or Why I will attend CSEDays

    Good day to all!

    Like many of you, I do Computer Science programming and research. And about a year ago, it came to the realization that the knowledge gained at the university at ordinary lectures is not enough. And reading smart books does not always give a complete picture of a specific topic. I will try to describe more specifically the problem and how to solve it.

    At university at lectures on OOP I learned about the basics of testing. We tried using JUnit in Java. But for the most part, we corrected errors in tests, and not in the program itself. In addition, it was felt that there was no common understanding of the problem in the head - after all, testing is not limited to JUnit tests. It was necessary to listen to the lectures of professionals in this field, or just to get acquainted and talk with specialists and developers. But how to implement all this?

    The logical solution to this problem was to attend specialized events. Perhaps to attend some school or attend a conference. But which one? After consulting with senior comrades, it was decided to choose a CSEDays school. There were several reasons for this. Firstly, the fall 2010 theme, “Software Reliability,” was fully in line with my needs. Secondly, the lecturers were very impressive - candidates of sciences and specialists in the field of software development. It was also attractive that the school is supported by such large Russian companies and centers as SKB Kontur, Yandex and Microsoft Research. So, the school is worth attention. Thirdly, all this happened near the city of Yekaterinburg in the fresh air!

    Future participants of the event were offered a test project DOM API Testing. Therefore, you can try your hand and discuss the results at the event itself.

    The event took place in November 2010! Surprisingly, the school was able to combine both high-quality lectures on the topic and industry professionals from different parts of our country. I learned a lot about software reliability - static methods in testing, load testing in Yandex, testing in MSSQL and much more. I remember the “round table” devoted to the risks of a highly loaded information system organized by Leo Pliner from SKB Kontur: an interesting approach to brainstorming and the use of thinking hats. But the most important thing is that throughout the school a cozy atmosphere was created, which disposed people to communicate. Students and teachers from different universities (and even from different cities), doing one thing, got the opportunity to communicate in an informal setting and talk about the events of the world of computer science in their city or university. To maintain an informal atmosphere, various contests and games were organized (bowling, ChKG, the mafia, etc.). CSEDays not only gave me new knowledge in the field of testing, but also developed an interest in many other areas of computer science.

    It was a little disappointing that the DOM API Testing project, which was given to the school, was almost not touched on the school itself, but this topic could be developed.

    The next CSEDays school took place in the spring of 2011. And despite the fact that it was held in the city, the level of its organization was very high. In addition to the "eternal bustle" of the city and the lack of fresh air, there were no visible minuses. The theme of the spring school is “Information Security and Cryptography”. Once again, lecturers and their reports were at the highest level. This school was held in conjunction with the final of RuCTF 2011. RuCTF finalists automatically became participants in the school, and other participants in the school had the opportunity to get acquainted with the CTF movement.

    At such events, due to the possibility of free communication with many specialists from different companies and universities, there is a global exchange of knowledge. You can see how the IT community is becoming more united, which cannot but rejoice!

    Why am I all this? If you are an IT student, a young developer or teacher, and you still do not know where to get new knowledge for further growth, then this school is for you! Personally, having visited two such schools, I really want to get into the third, which will be in November this year, the declared theme - "Computer networks and multi-agent systems." Test assignments have already been posted - so go ahead. After all, the completed tasks increase your chances of getting a grant and participating in the school for free! I will be very glad to see new faces and get new acquaintances with IT specialists!

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