PostgreSQL 9.1 released

    “Among all the open source database management systems, PostgreSQL 9.1 provides several of the most advanced industrial features and is supported by an energetic and innovative community that has proven successful with the consumer. PostgreSQL is a well-established solution for installing and running applications in the cloud, ”said Charles Fan, senior vice president of research and development at VMware.

    Information for users

    Several features that users have requested for years to implement have been added to PostgreSQL 9.1, which eliminates the obstacles to deploying new or ported applications to PostgreSQL. Among them:

    • Synchronous Replication: Lets you combine high availability with connectivity across multiple servers.
    • Per-Column Collations: supports linguistically correct sorting in a database, table, or column.
    • Unlogged Tables: A significant increase in performance with temporary data.

    “Heroku provides the world's largest PostgreSQL database service as a service,” said James Lindenbaum, co-founder of Heroku, “The release of version 9.1 with synchronous data replication provides our customers with new ways to protect critical information and claims PostgreSQL to be the fastest data warehouse . “

    Development of the current state

    Our community of participants is constantly introducing new opportunities into the product. Version 9.1 includes several new databases for the industry:

    • Indexing Nearest Neighbor Records (K-Nearest-Neighbor Indexing): On-the-fly indexing for the fastest search and text search queries.
    • Serializable Snapshot Isolation: The ability to store competing, consistent transactions without blocking, using “true sequencing”.
    • Writeable Common Table Expressions: Runs a single request complex of multi-stage data updates.
    • Advanced Security (Security-Enhanced Postgres): Launch military-grade security and mandatory access control.

    “OpenERP has always relied on the capabilities of the PostgreSQL industrial class to provide a fast, reliable and scalable foundation for business applications that support the actions of our customers every day. Data integrity in a highly competitive business environment is an extremely important issue for us, and we are delighted with the new serial isolation of PostgreSQL 9.1 copies! ”Said Oliver Doni, OpenERP Community Relations Manager.

    Extending the DBMS mechanism

    PostgreSQL extensibility is what allows users to add new functionality to already running databases and use them to solve tasks that no other DBMS can do. Version 9.1 has several extension tools:

    • Foreign Data Wrappers: Attach and query information from other databases from PostgreSQL.
    • Extensions: Easily create, download, and manage new database features.

    All of the above and many other innovations are described on the What's New in 9.1 wiki page and release notes .

    For 25 years now, with each new annual release, the development community continues to improve database technology. Download version 9.1 and try the most developed open source DBMS in the world.

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