Rub Goldberg Machine

    The Ruba Goldberg Machine is an extremely complex, cumbersome, and confusing device that performs very simple functions (for example, a huge machine occupying an entire room, the purpose of which is to move a spoon of food from a plate to a person’s mouth). The “Ruba Goldberg Machine” has become the common name for everything extremely complicated and unreasonably complex. In the field of IT, this name is rarely used so far (but as it turned out it is used), most often with the goal of negative attitude to the cumbersome program code, which can be pretty optimized.

    With this topic, I would first of all like to amuse the reader by showing some interesting riddle illustrations of this very machine. You have to solve a series of quests and at the end of each smile or even laugh. Secondly, I want to contribute to the implementation of this very concept in the daily labor routine of someone who is not familiar with this concept. Indeed, at any opportunity, you can surprise the interlocutor with your erudition and knowledge, and call, for example, an unreasonably cumbersome code - "the machine of the Goldberg’s ruba." So, are you ready to complete the quests? Go ahead then!

    It is necessary to trace the algorithm of actions using letter designations in order to understand how the machine works.

    Classic. Automatic napkin.

    Putting toothpaste on a brush.

    Automatic garage door.


    Convenient installation of a golf ball on a stand.

    Self-opening rain umbrella.

    And I could not solve this device. Versions (or if someone knows for sure) can be left in the comments.

    There are also enthusiasts who assemble the Rub Goldberg Machines in real life. Here is an example of one of them.

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