Plastic Logic 100 in real life

    In the video you can see how Plastic Logic 100 works. A few thoughts that require a separate explanation.

    - This is a textbook for the school, it is NOT a TABLET
    - School tablets with color screens are not applicable (not eInk, because the standards are similar to using monitors) - you can resent these standards for as long as you like, but as long as they exist, use nothing but eInk for each lesson not allowed;
    - Opening hours - a week, 3-4 hours a day. This is a pleasant moment;
    - The lack of color in illustrations in books on biology, geography and so on, this is a minus;
    - You can make comments in the text;
    - Nothing can be removed or added to the reader;
    - The cost of the device is 12.000 rubles as part of a tender held at the Ministry of Education;
    - Prices of 20 thousand or more are not, these are inventions of journalists;
    - As part of the tender, the price is determined commercially, that is, it may be less;
    - Briefly - I want such a toy for my children at school - it turned out to be sensible and completely replaces the quality of textbooks on paper.

    Next are the details and there are many, but I recommend watching the video.

    PS Once again I want to emphasize that this is a textbook reader, it does not support any formats, nothing can be done with it. This is a tutorial. Tablets at school can not be used according to the norms, and the eyesight of children is a pity.

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