Google reports on “serious progress” in the fight against piracy

    In December 2010, Google declared war on piracy and identified four ways to combat the “world evil”: 1) respond within 24 hours to a request by copyright holders to remove content from blogs on the Blogger platform and from Google search results; 2) removal of the words "torrent" and other terms from the autocompletion of search queries; 3) removal from the AdSense program of all dubious sites close to piracy; 4) improving the visibility of licensed content in search results.

    Now it's time to report on the results.. Kent Walker, Senior Attorney and Vice President of Google, notes that "significant progress has been made on each of the four points." So, the average time to remove content from search results for DMCA requests is now significantly less than 24 hours. To improve the visibility of licensed content in search results, the Music Rich Snippets function has been launched . Thanks to autocomplete filtering, the number of pirated search queries in the search engine also decreased markedly (see graph).

    Work in these areas will continue further.

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