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    All with Friday!
    We are still struggling with dull work and offices, showing you comfortable and cozy companies that value employees and buy xboxes.
    This week Moscow and Yekaterinburg.
    Friday buns from Yekaterinburg:

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    SKB Kontur
    Electronic document management systems. Thanks to them, your accountant does not stick out for hours in tax instead of charging you a premium. For the sake of this lofty goal, more than one and a half thousand people work.
    Own cafe, daily freshly baked buns. Buns are balanced by a gymnasium and rental tracks in the pool. The office also has table tennis and developers. They are proud of their employees - for example, SaaS evangelist Petro Didenko.
    They organize master classes and lectures for employees (they have already been visited by Kent Beck, Michael Fizzers and Oren Eini). For nonresident employees, a special program to stimulate travel has been developed. The right people in the team

    Online hotel reservation service.
    VHI with dentistry, free meals, billiards, fruits, xbox, table tennis, pizza on Thursdays. Internal training was organized, including a series of lectures from well-known business figures (the arrival of the founder of Skype has been announced at the moment). Separate employee training is paid.
    The office in Khamovniki and employees are invited to move closer to the office so as not to toil around in traffic jams or the metro every day. For the sake of this good goal, each employee who agrees to move is allocated 15 thousand rubles a month - to pay for housing. Each new developer is invited to choose their own hardware and software within 100 thousand rubles.
    The right people in the team

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