Beeline and Opera Mini: the second part. Well, as if an open letter

    Dear Beeline!
    I sincerely do not understand your position on the issue raised in my previous topic , as well as in at least three emails to you. It was worth the topic to hide from the main Habrahabr - PR managers disappeared from it, together with the hope of receiving at least some intelligible answer from them.

    Today, another of your employees was talking to me. I am very sorry that I did not reach for the magic button called “record this conversation and put it on the Internet”. Therefore, the statements below cannot be considered citations, and I cannot vouch for the absolute correctness of my interpretation of these words.

    But still:

    1) Billing is one hundred percent correct.
    2) GPRS and TCP session - things are inseparable, it is one and the same. Perhaps your phone picks up several sessions at the same time.
    3) We do not have any documents regulating the tariffing of GPRS connections. If so charged - it means so.
    4) In the law on communications, there is no mention of tariffing GPRS sessions or TCP sessions.
    5) You use Opera Mini - it is she who creates these compounds. We only charge them.
    6) I can return some money to you, but we are not talking about any changes in the description of the tariff plan.
    7) Written appeal under the law will be considered 60 working days, but basically everything happens much faster.
    8) I cannot send all of the above in text form to you by e-mail - we do not provide such services.


    I understand that PR service employees are not required to own the subject so much as to advise me on non-standard issues right in real time. Also, I am not ready to solve this issue privately - because, judging by the scale of this problem, they “completely tariffed” not only me, but also many other users and habrayuzers.

    I promise that in the future all information related to this case and not closed by the NDA (and there hasn’t been one yet) will be very clearly covered and commented on. The end of this epic will officially be considered compensation for such charging to one of my friends whom I have never called from my phone. Thus, I can understand if the problem has been solved, and whether the money has been fully refunded.

    So we will continue to fight. The plan is this.

    1) I am sending a written request about what is actually rounded off when charging - the volume of each TCP session or the volume of the entire GPRS session.
    2) After I receive the expected response - I hint at the discrepancy between the terms of the tariff plan and the actual tariffication.
    3) ...
    4) Global profit.

    Lawyers and people who are well aware of the legislation in the field of billing certification are solemnly called into the post.

    In the meantime, such a piece of paper was sent to Beeline: D0% BD% D0% B8% D0% B5.jpg.html

    We are waiting for the reaction.

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