Startup Idea - City Freelance

    Recently I walked around my hometown. Around are garbage, battered playgrounds, unpainted transformer booths - everything is just like in people.

    Our city as a whole is well-groomed, even beautiful, but to the resident of the house his yard always seems not good enough.

    So, I think, should any city services keep an eye on this? Of course they should, just how? Surely, there are not enough workers (low salary), there is no money for paint and tools either (on the nose of the Olympics, not to the smallest detail).

    On the other hand, there are quite a few unemployed people, or simply wanting to earn extra money. This is noticeable in the increased number of taxi drivers in their personal cars - with child seats in the back. Young fathers are haggard. Well, a lot of engineers, technologists and other specialists, with salaries of 5k rubles. They would be happy to make money - but how?

    Here is the idea for a startup: to combine those who want to earn some money and the real problems of the city. Just create a site, modeled on, where tasks for cleaning / painting the territory will be given. The all-Russian site, a breakdown by city, district, house.

    For example: " You need to paint the benches in the courtyard of house number 5, pay 300r, paint from me. Payment upon completion ."

    It will be possible to unite cities, houses in order to take off for certain works. Those who want to earn - earn - no special skills are needed. For customers - a solid profit for little money. The yard has become cleaner and tidier. Maybe they’ll become less littering - they cleaned up their money.
    For service owners - advertising + pro = sale status)

    In general, I do not know how viable this idea is, but I thought it necessary to share with you.
    I myself will not raise it, there will not be enough knowledge, and time. But with pleasure I will use this service if someone does.

    How do you like my idea?

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