Storing passwords without saving them (topic development)

    Today I climbed into the sandbox and stumbled upon an article about storing passwords without saving them (no more, a saved copy here ). I don’t know about you, but I found the idea interesting.

    I often have to invent, remember and store many passwords ...
    But, alas, for me, using the console utility to "find" the right password is not always convenient.

    For myself, I made an online analogue of the author’s utility article. Even retained backward compatibility with it (using the same hashing algorithm and the "alphabet").

    Initial data for password generation:
    1. Master key (individual for each - everyone is free to come up with it for himself).
    2. The name of the service where the password is used. This may be the address of the site, the name of the company served or the name of the server.
    3. The user ID on this service. Login, UIN, jabberid, email, etc.

    NB: All entries are case sensitive!

    Next, click the “generate” button and get a 32-character string. It is up to you to decide whether to use all the characters or only part of them. The main thing to remember is the length of the password you choose.

    The generator can be found at . The site works great in Opera Mini, so you can use it from your phone.

    No personal data is transmitted anywhere, all calculations are performed on the client side using javascript (except for the case with Opera Mini - here javascript is performed on the server side of Opera Software ASA).

    PS If suddenly the original article “sinks in the sand” Taki disappeared, I saved it at .

    UPD : For those who do not want to trust the online service, I made a phone application (J2ME). The algorithm is exactly the same. Here is jar , and here is jad , if anyone needs it. Theoretically, it should work on any j2me-enabled phone, even the oldest.

    UPD2 : Here is the QR code of the site itself:

    And this is for downloading the application:

    UPD3 : Added an application for Android. Marked with beta, because I tried to run exclusively in the emulator. Here is the QR code for it:

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