Моя подборка с Youtube на тему DIY

    On the idea of ​​making such a selection I was indirectly pushed by a recent post about setting up a table, or rather, discussing it. Thinking over some answer to the question, I rummaged through my subscriptions, and realized that several dozen of them were already devoted to woodworking. And some certainly want to share.

    As a result, you are invited to my selection of YouTube channel subscriptions, which are devoted to the topic DIY in the broad sense of the word, and for the most part - woodworking, that is, carpentry and carpentry craftsmanship. Most of the channels I tried to comment. The order in which the channels are given is largely random, although I tried to put the most interesting channels for me closer to the beginning.

    The list does not claim to be complete. In particular, I have lowered many channels of the conditionally “building” profile, which contain rollers for joinery, but at the same time, there are other videos for example about plastering, laying tiles or working with gypsum plasterboard.

    Well, since it all started from the table, it will be the tables that run through the entire review with a red thread.

    Russian-speaking youtube

    We begin with the Russian segment. It seems to me that there are very interesting resources on the topic, although there may not be as many of them as in the youtube English language.

    Jack of all trades

    The HeARTwood channel of Mikhail Kuchuk is probably the one to start with. This is not only wood, but Michael understands very much in many ways, including for example plumbing, welding, turning, bone carving.

    Here there is a video for every taste, ranging from the most detailed reviews of the tool (including repair, adjustment and refinement), master classes, a description of a set of home-made devices. Such classes of tools as saws (starting from manual and ending with say tortsovochnymi), planers, milling cutters, and much more are considered in detail.

    Promised a table? Here you have a table, in this case - milling .

    The channel of Vladimir Vlasov is something from the series “The need for invention is cunning,” with all due respect to the author and his talent.

    How many people can build a band saw in their garage, where you can put a saw log, and cut along a log with a diameter of about 40 cm? And if to tell you that the frame of the saw is made of wood and plywood - will you believe it?

    Did you know that the usual 8 mm stud, which is sold on meters, quite successfully replaces the rasp, and at the same time costs about an order of magnitude cheaper?

    Well, here is a homemade replacement for a jointer machine , assembled, as they say, from shit and sticks.

    Andrei Yarmolkevich - Belarusian accountant, yes, he is interested in joinery. He is a real addicted person, and at the same time willingly shares the knowledge gained.

    By occupation Lerych- wood carver. At the same time, for the most part, he makes his own incisors himself - forges, hones, hardens. From what comes handy - valves, tracks, springs, and so on. So he is also a little blacksmith, and a locksmith.

    Believe it is worth seeing. Recently, in the comments, someone joked that Lerych can make a cutter from a table fork. And what would you think - in the next video, he demonstrated how to evaluate the suitability of a fork for making a cutter, and then he made two decent cutters from two forks.

    The next time someone from the commentators sarcastically asked if the author’s cutter would survive the collision with the nail, and is it better than the firm one? The author, without hesitation, chose a dozen incisors, both his own and those purchased (including for example made in Switzerland), and gave them a crash test for nailing. By the way, the fork cutter stood the test of one of the best.

    English Channels

    Blacksmiths, locksmithing

    I must say that here is just a blacksmiths in the Russian-speaking youtube full. But in my selection, it just so happened, only blacksmiths from other countries. But at the same time - mechanics, welders and other masters of metal work.

    Jeremy Schmidt
    Jeremy struck me with a video where he decided to make a table for his vice. He has a huge vice, and he realized the table to match - a tabletop made of 30 mm steel sheet, a kind of pancake with a diameter of two meters. Well, everything else, respectively - welded from steel profile. Mostly works on metal, welding and all that, but can also on wood.

    Well, this is the table itself .

    Channel my mechanics - on the restoration of various old pieces of iron: vices, scissors, watches, etc. A very versatile work on the metal.

    Torbjörn Åhman - blacksmith.

    Alec Steele Blacksmith. Some cool videos:

    JohnnyQ90 is a modeller. Cars with ICE. The owner of a five-axis milling machine, from the type of work which salivate. Good news for those who doubt their knowledge of English - Johnny doesn't say anything at all (or almost nothing), everything is clear in his videos without words :)

    Well, also, this is the person who screwed his engine from the car to Bosch chain micro saw (it seems her name is Easy Cut). Saws, as it turned out, are not better than from batteries, but as it buzzes!


    Izzy Swan is a very cool guy. Inventor from God. Able to make any fixture of pieces of plywood, chipboard and screws, or say a piece of furniture. Don't expect any special design here, but there are plenty of brilliant inventions here and there. New products are also not shy, can buy a pneumatic cylinder on Amazon, and make a pneumatic vice from the same plywood to their workbench. Recently, he actively applies CNC, but at the same time he publishes a video on how to make a table without even having a plane.

    To diversify our tables a bit, I’ll show you this time a folding chair made of plywood.

    The samurai carpenterCarpenter, carpenter, builder, even a little blacksmith. He is fond of Japanese culture, including Japanese woodworking techniques. He likes to teach, including - conducts its offline school. Actively invents all sorts of devices. It has a well-equipped workshop, but at the same time almost anything can be done with a hand saw, a plane and a chisel.

    Get hands dirty
    The author’s name is Cristiana Felgueiras, a young girl living in Porto, Portugal. Basically, the video channel tells about how she settles her apartment. Christiana pays a lot of attention to details, including design, color selection, etc. Her engineering and design solutions are not always perfect, it sometimes hurts to look at attempts to make an electrician or plumbing, but she has quite qualified skills in carpentry tools, and almost anyone. Builds furniture, materials mainly wood or plywood / chipboard / MDF.

    Jay bates- Woodworking Videos. Jay is a great carpenter who earns a living with this. He has his own workshop, very well equipped, but at the same time he knows how to do everything with a hand-held tool, and perfectly shows how to do it. Excellent installation, well-designed scripts rollers. Good clear English, clear pronunciation.

    Jay Bates 2 - Vlog and Non Project Videos. Another channel from Jay. Miscellanea.

    Lie-Nielsen Toolworks Channel of the well-known manufacturer Lie-Nielsen, a manufacturer of hand tools. Many useful tutorial videos.

    Steve Ramsey -Woodworking for Mere Mortals. Woodworking training channel. Pretty basic things, and not very complicated projects. But simple and accessible language, from and to. Paying attention to safety. In particular, it was here that I first saw a clear explanation of what kickback is when working on a circular, how dangerous it is, and how to avoid it.

    Pask Makes is the case when the tool is only a screwdriver, and the output is a masterpiece. Just kidding, partially. Australian Neil, has a jointer (it seems, in Russian it is a jointing machine), and surface gage, and uses all this. At the same time, he is fluent in hand tools, and his designs are simple and can be easily repeated. Here you have to compare the desktop workbench .

    Marius hornbergeras he writes to himself, he’s just a 23-year-old German guy who is currently studying engineering. He has his own workshop in the basement, but the talent of the inventor is already evident. He takes some ideas from his colleagues, and implements, sometimes a little better (for example, he is clearly familiar with the Izzy Swan channel), he comes up with some of them himself.

    Dorian Bracht , Theo Cook
    These two channels stand out to me for the fact that the authors show well and in detail how to make wooden joints, in particular of the “dovetail” type, and not simple, but rather diverse. For the most part, the tool is a hand saw, chisel, plane.

    Skill Builder, Roger Bisby and others
    Roger can not be called a carpenter - rather he is a carpenter, or even a broad builder. This channel is more about how to put a shower stall, tile the walls, or replace the pipes. There are also reviews of various tools, work clothes and materials. This is a British channel, so don't expect Roger to be easy to read.

    Mike farrington
    Mike has his own workshop, looking at the size and equipment of which it remains only to drool. What is only the grinding center, where the tape is filled with sandpaper width of about a meter. Many things he does as he simply and habitually, say, actively using as many as two filler mills from his arsenal. Repeating this at home is not always easy - the cost of the tool is not for DIY applications. At the same time, Mike regularly invents some convenient new devices, he tells and shows well.

    What would you like to show? Well, well, the workbench (do not be afraid, not like many others) :)

    Popular Woodworking is already a channel for almost complete dummies. Compare at least their
    workbench with what the Samurai doesor Jay Bates .

    Rockler Woodworking and Hardware . Channel from the manufacturer of tools and accessories. Of course, they do everything to advertise their products, wherever without it, but firstly, the products are quite decent, and secondly, the training videos themselves are quite suitable for viewing.

    Third Coast Craftsman - I haven't looked at a lot of clips from this channel yet, but what I saw is enough to understand that the author’s level is quite high, and the presentation is pleasant and affordable. Well here's a collection workbench for you .

    A Concord Carpenter / ToolBoxBuzz Rob Robillard is The Concord Carpenter - this is more of a review. Tools, vacuum cleaners and the like. In general, Rob is also more likely to be a broad builder.

    Well, perhaps enough to start. The Russian segment has turned out a bit poor, but there's nothing to be done about it - this is my compilation, apparently I’m so looking for videos on the Internet.

    I hope that your comments will be able to replenish this collection with many more interesting channels.

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