All in the cloud

    In addition to consulting in the field of information technology, IBM is developing its own products and services - its own developments of the blue giant are concentrated in promising and popular areas today, one of which is cloud technology .

    And although IBM in Russia does not provide customers with various cloud technologies, whether it is providing virtual machines and various * aaS services, the company helps anyone who wants to build their own infrastructure around the cloud, or use existing products and technologies that run in IBM data centers around to the world.

    Most likely, the experience of the cloud does not need to describe the advantages of the cloud - the introduction of this technology reduced the cost of IT costs for companies, reduced the complexity of infrastructures, optimized workloads and the functioning of various services and products, and also eliminated fixed prices and replaced them with floating ones, which allows you to more effectively control all processes and their impact on the business as a whole. All this, of course, not to mention the high degree of scalability that is already creating an Internet-oriented economy today.

    The IBM Smart Business family has several solutions for companies of different levels, occupations and sizes. Regardless of what you need to do - create your own cloud environment behind the firewall or access the cloud on the IBM platform or use teamwork tools, IBM already has ready-made solutions for developing / creating products or upgrading the infrastructure.

    Specifically, IBM has several services that may seem useful to people who have not yet used cloud technologies in their own companies and enterprises. For example, Test Cloud provides a convenient environment for testing applications in a secure cloud environment within the corporate perimeter. Development and Test provides convenient access to scalable technical resources for fast and efficient development and subsequent testing. Finally, the Desktop Cloud is a high-standards-based, fault-tolerant and secure desktop environment that runs behind a customer’s firewall (internally) or on an IBM platform.


    There are a great many advantages of using such systems - this is the quick scaling of the entire IT infrastructure of the company to meet the changing needs of the business, and the reduction in the total cost of ownership of the infrastructure, increased operational flexibility, reduced energy costs, variable pricing, etc. It is unlikely that anyone else was considering the possibility of building a computer network of the company on the basis of the cloud, in fact - without the computing resources in the office.

    Needless to say about the Lotus product familywho have already earned their respect among IT professionals. Today's LotusLive can also be cloudy, providing world-class social networking services and online collaboration tools out of the box: file sharing, conferencing, and instant messaging based on an Internet browser.

    But besides this, now with LotusLive iNotes, which is distinguished by security, a cloud service created to perform functions such as e-mail, scheduling and contact management has now appeared. The introduction of such a product helps to reduce costs and overcome the limitation associated with the support of corporate policies and rules in the field of electric mail.

    Finally, IBM provides high-end infrastructure services for medium and large businesses. Cod(Computing on Demand) is the use of IBM cluster resources (System x, BladeCenter, Power Systems and Storage) on a classic hourly, weekly or annual rental basis. This is a flexible computing infrastructure with the best in the cloud payment method.

    Business Continuity and Resiliency Services are tools for assessing the reliability and resilience of the business processes of any company or provider that provides applications or services. The use of such a “barometer” will help optimize internal systems to increase fault tolerance.

    And, of course, the cloud cannot be good if there are no backups in it - that's why IBM developed the BCRS Information Protection Services system, which in essence is a separate automatic cloud backup and data recovery service for personal computers and laptops of the company.

    IBM not only provides its services and products to individual companies, but also helps other innovators in the field to expand its influence by improving the quality of services of other companies. After all, if one head is good, then two is even better!

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