Several patents. Part 2. Microsoft

    We violate many patents of the world industry without even realizing it. For example, a patent for rollover pictures (images that change when you hover over them with a mouse) from which a hyperlink leads (No. 5,251,294).
    Hewlett Packard, Hallmark Cards, Nokia, PepsiCo, Samsung Electronics, Apple, Google and many others (136 companies in total) already pay about 80 thousand dollars for them.

    I already talked about interesting Apple patents .

    Microsoft's time has come.

    Patent 5,778,372: Remote acquisition and display control of an electronic document containing images;
    HTML pages fall under this.

    Patent 6,339,780: Displays the download status of an HTTP document in a web browser, with limited space on the screen;

    Patent 5,889,522: System User Interface Controls;

    Patent 6,891,551: Controls of selected areas when editing documents (typical for graphic editors “pens”, with which you can move, rotate, resize / shape the selected area);

    Patent 6,957,233: Method and tool for capturing and displaying annotations for the content of electronic documents that are not subject to editing.

    A patent that provides a system in which a user’s account is automatically closed and all his data is deleted if he does not accept the new rules for using a particular service.

    “Fast booting a computing device to a specialized experience” describes a boot process that involves a general-purpose operating system (Windows) and several specialized operating systems. It is understood that specialized, that is, truncated operating systems will load much faster, providing the opportunity to work with the device in the "household appliances" mode, for example, for consuming audio-visual content.

    Microsoft holds patents for synchronizing email messages, calendar entries, and contacts.

    Microsoft has patented an improved mechanism that will make the shutdown procedure of the operating system more predictable and will insure against the loss of unsaved data.
    When you select the “Shut down” option, the display shows a list of active programs that cannot be closed automatically. The user can independently decide the fate of applications and data, including canceling the shutdown command or choosing to close the application without saving data.
    The corresponding patent was granted to Microsoft on August 31, 2010, exactly five years after the filing of the application.

    Microsoft also owns the patent application number 7617530, which describes the method of running commands with administrator rights.

    Microsoft has applied(not yet approved) a way to select pixels to create emoticons, assign a sequence of characters to these pixels, and play emoticons themselves. In addition to the ":-(" emoticon owned by Despair.
    By the way, in 2001 Despair issued a press release stating that the company is suing seven million Internet users who use the ":-(" emoticon and violate thereby the rights of The company demanded damages from each specific user, after which it was inundated with letters from indignant networkers. However, the Despair initiative was just a joke. A month later she published a second press release, which stated that "Despair will happy to sell the rights to the emoticon ':-(' to everyone, and not use it in the form of ':-(' ® ".

    A patent for a method of dividing lines of text into characters for subsequent linguistic processing.

    Also, in a recently published patent application it is said about the sale of ordinary PCs at a substantial discount, which should then be covered by the profit received from the services specified in the contract, which, incidentally, indicates the life of the PC.

    A patent that allows you to buy and download additional content directly from the game without going to the dashboard. If you explain in more detail, for example, you are playing with a friend, but it turns out that you do not have a card on which you are going to start the game. A pop-up message prompting you to download this card will immediately appear. If you agree, then immediately pay and download the card without leaving the gaming lobby.

    Microsoft holds patents for two standards that currently exist in draft form: draft-ietf-marid-core-03 (actually Sender ID) and draft-ietf-marid-pra-00 (PRA algorithm for authenticating letters developed by Microsoft and underlying Sender ID).

    Microsoft also has 235 patents for many standard interface elements that are found in:
    Linux kernel - 42 patents;
    elements of graphical user interfaces (menus, toolbars) - 65 patents; package - 45 patents;
    mail clients - 15 patents;
    other open source programs - 68 patents ...

    In the patent number 7415666, the invention is described as follows: "a method or system in a program for viewing documents that allows you to scroll through a part of a document, for example, one page, regardless of page size. In short, these are the Page Up and Page Down buttons.

    Also in 2004, Microsoft patented the familiar “mouse” scroll wheel. The text of the patent meant that the wheel can be used not only in mice, but also in keyboards, trackballs, as well as other computer input devices. In addition, in the same year, the giant company received another rather comical patent - for a “button to launch applications”.

    And a little less than a year ago, the corporation filed an application for a patent for "reading thoughts."

    I add that Microsoft owns more than 10 thousand patents.

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