Damage to the submarine cable left the whole country without Internet

    The Kingdom of Tonga is a small island nation in the South Pacific. It occupies more than 170 islands, but not many of them are inhabited. The main island, where the government is located and most of the people live, is protected from winds and waves.

    Nevertheless, for modern man there are problems worse than waves. This, for example, the lack of the Internet. The other day, a submarine cable rupture left this entire state without stable communications. There is an alternative channel - satellite Internet, but much can not be expected from this type of connection.

    The capacity of satellite Internet is not very large, and for all the inhabitants of the islands (despite the fact that there are not too many of them), there is simply not enough Internet. The situation is so complicated that the government thought about temporarily blocking social networks with their heavy content in order to ensure the normal operation of the "business" segment of the network.

    About 80% of the traffic of Tongo residents is content from social networks.

    The length of the Internet route that connects Tongo and Fiji is 825 km. Soon, a repair ship should arrive at the islands, which will be able to localize and close the gap. But when exactly this will happen is unclear. It is only known that the gap is about 10 km from the islands.

    Most likely, the cause of the problem is a certain ship, whose anchor accidentally damaged the trunk. Now the inhabitants of the island state for several days (and possibly weeks) will have to feel isolated from the outside world.

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