Innovation Lab Extends Competition!

    Good news for those who did not have time to collect their thoughts. The contest of ideas held by the Innovation Laboratory in July continues. The Expert Council took into account the wishes of the participants to extend the deadlines of the competition, in which the prize for the author of the best idea will be the PlayBook, and the winners will be collaborated with iLab. Therefore, it was decided to extend the acceptance of applications until August 20, 2011.

    We remind you that the contest of ideas concerns tablets, not smartphones. It should also be remembered that the degree and depth of the development of ideas at this stage is not as important as their innovativeness and commercial attractiveness.

    You can not worry - all previously submitted ideas are filed, taken into account and accepted for consideration.

    Applications are still accepted at:

    The Expert Council of the Innovation Laboratory will determine the contestants and put them to a vote, which will be held on our Facebook page .

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