Business trip: getting ready (part 1)

    Business trip: what to do?

    So, they told you, they say, we must, brother, go on a business trip for a couple of days.
    Most often, we prepare and gather on the last day, and this translates into major and minor inconveniences outside our area.
    In this article, I share my experience gained on various business trips - Russian and foreign, short and long.
    Please - add in the comments, advise. Hope this helps.

    General rules in one line

    Don't panic! (D.Adams)
    Do not argue with customs.
    Do whatever your accountant requires.
    Work, work, work! Rest, rest, rest!

    Start - You learned that you are driving

    Add dates to the calendar!
    As soon as you know that you are going - right away! The closer to the trip, the more points there will be on the calendar - meetings, departures, arrivals, lunches, vacations, etc. It is especially important to work with the calendar if you are going to a conference, exhibition and similar events where meetings are possible, seminars can be held.

    Tickets - how, how much and when.
    After determining the duration of the trip (for example, I always lay the day on the way there and the day back - just in case) make sure that you get there - in other words, take care of the tickets. If you order tickets, be sure to get all the dates and times of departure / arrival. This is important, since you still need to get to the hotel and register, and if you get late, you should know that the night shift in hotels is always a relaxed day one.

    Documents in accounting.
    An extremely important element of your trip. Be sure to issue a business trip and order that the dates are correct, that the trip destination is accurate, that the destination is correct. And in no case do not forget to put the stamps in the appropriate sections - otherwise life upon return will be difficult.

    A couple of days left

    Calendar and weather:
    once again look at the calendar, enter that you forgot; check the weather for the duration of your trip - it happened that when you arrived, you had to walk in the rain, because there was no time to buy an umbrella. Or vice versa - you will pick up warm things when there will be warmth in the place of the trip.

    Tickets and documents.
    Try to get all the “permits” for the trip and keep them at home. Forget accounting - do not wait for business trips or expenses.

    Money and communication.
    Important components of the trip. Of course, the accounting department will consider the official financial part for you. But there are also hospitality expenses. Here your completed calendar will help - estimate meetings, where they will be held, where there will be events. So more or less you can determine the amount of hospitality expenses that you require. And if possible, take more. There is no worse situation where at the table with partners you cannot cover the bill.
    An important element is credit cards (or a salary card if you are transferred there). Make sure you don’t get blocked on a trip. It is better not to take the words of an accountant on faith that everything is in order. Call the bank and check in person.
    The year before last, Alfa-Bank blocked my card in Spain. And in your pocket 2 euros. The pre-call to the support service resulted in a very large amount, which the valiant operator removed from my balance immediately. It was lucky that there was enough money on the account.
    With operators, too, everything is simple - look for a package to the country / city where you are going. On a habr there is a number of materials on the solution of a problem. I use Tele2, because roaming prices are very reasonable. For the rest - I sympathize and advise either the package, or buy a SIM card on the spot.

    Working materials.
    Bring all that is necessary and all general presentations / materials / letters / pictures / videos / other with you! Be armed to the teeth. Some of the materials that do not fall under the confidentiality agreement (if you signed it) can be duplicated and put into any online service.

    Judging by the amount of text, you should complete this part of the article, and leave the suitcase fees, the tricks of the flight, check-in and so on the next time if the residents of the city have a desire to continue.

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