Abrakadabra - ex.ua movie catalog


    I think many of you know about ex.ua.

    In order to find the film of interest in the right quality and the required translation, you have to spend a lot of time. The moment came when I was tired of this and decided to make a catalog of films with a filtering system.

    A month ago, I launched the abrakadabra.com.ua project . Now, thanks to the filters, you can select, for example, fantastic comedies of the 90s in French in excellent quality. From the movie page, you can go to the corresponding ex.ua page or to the torrent search page. Now only rutracker.org and 0day.kiev.ua are added.

    A couple of days ago they added the 1000th movie. In 3-4 months we will finish work on the ex.ua database for films and cartoons. In a month, by September, we will launch the section on series.

    For rating, I use, as a foundation, a rating from cinema search.ru. That is, by voting on the site, the user increases the rating.

    Of the additional functionality at the moment, it is possible to subscribe to update the list of files inside the film, that is, if there is still no high-quality translation, then the user can leave a request and receive a notification when a new file is added. A similar functionality is implemented inside the expected films and the same will be inside the “Series” section.

    There is a desire to develop a resource in a kind of community ... but only time will tell what will work and what will not.

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